SURF PUNKS – Locals Only

Album: Locals Only

Artist: Surf Punks

Label: Real Gone Music

Release Date: June 04, 2013

Surf Punks


Wow, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to see this one again. Me and my surfing pals in South Jersey listened to this band quite a bit circa 1982-’83.  Knowing full well that they were a goofy novelty act but hey, they were funny, kitschy and some of the songs were really good.  This is the band’s sophomore effort form 1982 (the band’s debut, My Beach, was released by Epic in 1980 though the band released it independently the year before and is the better one of the two).

The band was essentially the work of two sun-bleached dudes from Southern California, Drew Steele and Dennis Dragon (brother of Daryl Dragon form the Captain and Tennille fame) though on this record the band expanded to a six piece with other folks adding guitars and keyboards.  The music is a mix of new wave, no wave and Zappa-inspired lunacy with odd guitar solos nudging up against synth swirls. While songs like “No Fat Chicks”  and “I’m a Valley” might appeal to the junior high stoner in you, other songs like the opening title track,  the driving “Water Sports” and the reggae-ish “Hey, Mr. Lifeguard” show that the band’s got chops and really are musicians.

This reissue is remastered, has two bonus cuts and includes liner notes from Mr. Dennis Dragon himself. Tune in, turn on and drop in.

DOWNLOAD: “Locals Only,”  “Shark Attack,” “Water Sports,” “Hey Mr. Lifeguard”

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