Surf City – Kudos

January 01, 1970



From the
perspective of we Yanks over here it would appears that after a serious burst o
creativity in the 80’s and early 90’s that new Zealand has been trying to find its
footing since then. Now, maybe there are tons of great bands that we don’t hear
about over her and I’m merely talking out my ass, but not a lot have made a
splash over here. These days, however, you have sprinklings from bands like The
Puddle (who actually were an 80’s band and are carrying on once more after a
hiatus), Thee Pickups and , probably the most promising of the bunch, Surf City.
Originally called Kill
Surf City
(after a Jesus & Mary Chain song) this quartet offers up their debut
full-length here and it’s killer.


In addition to
the Mary Chain you’ll hear the iconic buzz of The Clean (speaking of New
Zealand) as well as former U.K. drone collectors Spaceman 3 and, of course ,the
Velvets too. And you know what? Surf
City have the tunes,
too. This is not noise for the sake of noise, these buys can toss some chords
together. One hit after another, the buzzing opener, “Crazy Rulers of the
World”, the hit single in “See How the Sun”, the other hit single in the title
track, the chugging drone train in “Icy Lakes” and on and on. Definitely a buzz
band and for once the tastemakers got it right.


Did I say that
these guys can write songs too?


DOWNLOAD: “See How the Sun”, “Kudos” TIM HINELY


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