SUPERSUCKERS – Holdin’ The Bag

Album: Holdin' The Bag

Artist: Supersuckers

Label: Acetate

Release Date: October 16, 2015

Supersuckers 10-16

The Upshot: Country punks indulge their country roots this time around with a little more twang. But that middle finger is still liberally employed.


Supersuckers’ front man/bassist Eddie Spaghetti may be battling stage-3 throat cancer, but he sure as hell isn’t spending the time feeling sorry for himself. On Holdin’ the Bag, the country punks’ first outing since their leader’s diagnosis, the band is just as casually brilliant as always; fiercely ornery and bitingly witty.


While the band has always vacillated between their own dirty brand of Outlaw Country and classic punk rock, Holdin’ the Bag finds the pendulum swinging a bit more toward their country roots. That’s not to say the band has gone all embroidered jeans Nashville on us; they are still defiantly raising their middle fingers high in the air, there’s just a little more twang in their songs with this outing, along with banjos and pedal steel guitars.


Eddie shares the mic with several friends, dueting with Lydia Loveless on “I Can’t Cry” and Hayes Carll on “This Life… With You,” one of the strongest songs in this collection. There’s a cover of Billy Joe Shaver’s “Georgia on a Fast Train” tacked onto the record (only available on the limited edition CD and LP) that doesn’t quite do justice to the classic, but there are still more than enough bar room sing-alongs on Holdin’ the Bag to make the album worth it.


DOWNLOAD: “This Life… With You,” “Let’s Bounce” and “I Do What I Can (To Get By)”


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