SUPERDRAG – Jokers W/Tracers

Album: Jokers W/Tracers

Artist: Superdrag

Label: SideOneDummy

Release Date: September 30, 2014

Superdrag 9-30


Between the vinyl re-release of Superdrag’s fantastic sophomore record Head Trip in Every Key, a new record by The Lees of Memory (comprising two-fourths of Superdrag) and the band handing in Jokers W/Tracers, a collection of demos from the Head Trip sessions, 2014 is turning out to be a stellar year for fans on the Knoxville Power Pop band.

We won’t bother reviewing the Head Trip re-release because, well… if you have yet to realized just how great that album is 16 years later than you simply can’t be reasoned with. Jokers W/Tracers, however is like manna from Heaven for every diehard Superdrag fan that never lost hope despite the infrequent reunions and nary a hint of new music since the last power chord finally faded from the speakers with 2009’s swan song Industry Giants.

On Jokers W/Tracers, the band spreads out 23 songs over two LPs and of the 13 songs off of their sophomore record, only four aren’t included on this demoes collection; a slew of other, more experimental tracks, however are. The term “demo” is also a bit misleading as the band was clearly not fucking around when they recorded the first drafts of these songs that sound pretty similar to the album-ready final products.

The first record in this set is pretty close to what we would eventually hear on Head Trip, a massive step forward musically and stylistically from their full length debut, Regretfully Yours. It’s the second LP, with the Beatles as a ‘90s Power Pop song “Bristol Gurls” and tracks like the coulda-been-a-hit “Simple Simon” and the just as great ‘Here We Come,” that make this album worth buying.

The only thing really surprising about this collection is that more of these songs never made it on follow up albums.

 DOWNLOAD: “Sold You An Alibi” “Simple Simon” and “Here We Come”


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