Superdrag – Industry Giants

January 01, 1970

(Superdrag Sound Laboratories)


With Industry Giants, its first album in seven years, Superdrag proves a
2003 breakup and a long layoff have done nothing to suck out the feeling.  But what the album boasts in energy, it lacks
in nuance.  With the exception of “Live
and Breathe,” a brooding alternative rock with John Davis’ voice sliding smoothly
along the trippy melody, the band never really ventures from an assault of crunching
guitars.  Those guitars aren’t a
problem-they’ve been a staple of the band’s sound-but there’s a shortage of the
well-crafted hooks and tight melodies on which they’ve built their reputation.


The frenetic pop-punk opener “Slow
to Anger” kicks through the speakers while songs like the harmony-filled “Ready
to Go” and the arena-ready “I Only Want a Place to Stay” exhibit the band’s
knack for mixing grit with pop sensibility. 
But there are but a handful of tracks that distinguish themselves from the
walls of distortion pervading the album. 
And as Davis and company grow even more hellbent on rocking toward the
record’s close with songs like the raucous “You’re Alive” and the blistering
punk “5 Seconds Ahead of the Chaos,” they move further from their musical


“I Only Want a Place to Stay,” “Ready to Go” JASON




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