Sunglasses – Sunglasses EP

January 01, 1970


you thought Outkast brought the noise to and from the South well check out Savannah, Georgia’s
Sunglasses. This duo includes 8000 bam bam (birth name: Samuel Cooper) and Baby
Seal (Brady Keehn). Apparently they met in Savannah in a laundromat. Samuel wanted to
use Tide but Brady insisted that Cheer was much better. Samuel listened and
from there a friendship was forged.


these 5 songs (actually 3 as 2 are basically shorter interludes) they mix
Samuel’s love of pop music and Brady’s bass and beats. Opening cut “Whiplash”
swirls and swoops and could be the dance floor hit the band is looking for
while “Referee” begins with thunder and then gets a bit Helio Sequence on our
ass (not quite that good, though). Final cut “Stand Fast” emphasizes the beats
and adds some nice morsels of melody into a glistening track. Not a bad start.


: “Whiplash”, “Stand Fast” TIM HINELY



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