Summer Cats – Songs for Tuesdays

January 01, 1970



Had Australia’s
Summer Cats been around in the early ‘90s ,at the height of the indie pop
explosion, they would no doubt have been on one of the trio of Washington, DC
area pop labels:  Slumberland , Simple
Machines or Teen Beat (Simple Machines faded out years ago and Teen Beat, while
still active, is much more sporadically releasing records). The Slumberland
label, after a move to the west coast in the early ‘90s, is still going strong
and this hyperactive pop outfit seems to be a perfect fit on a label that has
given us Rocketship, The Ropers, Aislers Set, the early recordings of Velocity
Girl and too many others.


From the opening
cut of “Let’s Go” you know where you’re headed, down  bumpy road on a sunny day in the old ,
battered car you love with the windows rolled down and the stereo turned up up
up. “Hey You” has this great, jittery, scratchy guitar work while “Super” (and
“Christopher Wren”) has the same kind of keyboards we fell in love with the
first time we heard the Clean’s “Tally Ho” and “In June” is a pure janglefest
that brings to mind classic early recordings by The Razorcuts and Primal
Scream. The sounds here are instantly familiar and while Songs for Tuesdays isn’t the most original record you’ll hear this
year it’s a comfortable fit, just like those Bermuda shorts you seem to wear
way too often. You know they need a wash every now and again but you don’t want
to ever take them off.


Standout Tracks: “Maybe Pile”, “Super”, “In June”, “Lonely




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