Summer Cannibals 8/22/15, Denver

Dates: August 22, 2015

Location: Hi Dive, Denver CO


The Upshot: Portland popsters with presence, charisma and, most of all, tunes.


I had huge expectations of this show going in. I worried that I might be disappointed, that this unassuming looking band would let me down. The reality was that they were better than I expected. After I first saw them, at the Mutiny Information Café across the street from the Hi-Dive, I told all my friends how awesome they were. When I saw they were playing the Hi-Dive I tried to gather my friends to go. The show coincided with one friend’s birthday, and another’s last night in town before moving away to grad school. So, a select few of us got to enjoy the power of Summer Cannibals.

As with these smaller venues, you most times get to see the bands standing around waiting for their turn and enjoying the openers. Summer Cannibals don’t look like a band walking around, they blend in. Jessica Boudreaux is a petite chick who doesn’t look like she can melt your face. Give her a guitar and a song to sing and she will melt your face clean off. Marc Swart is the actual lead guitar player, but it’s hard to tell with the beautiful lead swapping he and Jessica pull off. Devon Shirley is a former Denver resident who has found a home as drummer in the last year or two. He and bass player Jenny Logan are the two newest members. Half the band left after their first album No Makeup. Boudreaux told me that the sound got a little harder with the addition of Shirley and Logan. Logan rivals Boudreaux in stage presence and deftness. The whole band makes the show a thing to see.

Boudreaux and I agree that they are better live than their latest record Show Us Your Mind would suggest. I love the album, but the recording is not as alive as their show. To truly experience Summer Cannibals, you must go see them. They are running around right now, so look for them. Trust me on this!


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