Stuyvesant – Fret Sounds

January 01, 1970



The title here
is the band’s 2nd nod to a classic record in as many tries (their
2008 debut was called Linden Calling).  This one, of course, being a nod to the Beach
Boys’ 1967 classic, Pet Sounds.  Another thing about the sophomore effort by
this New Jersey
quartet is how refreshing it all sounds. They’re not trying to be the hippest
kids on the block or get signed to Captured Tracks, they simply want to write
good songs and rock the fuck out and who can blame them, right? On Fret Sounds they do a darn good job of


Opener “Clyde’
brings to mind the glory days of Superchunk and later period Husker Du, but it
doesn’t stop there; the record is a barrage of rapid fire guitar, scattershot
drumming and a tough, thick bass sound. Guitarist/singers Ralph Malanga and
Sean Adams sound like they’ve been doing this since the first grade (which
maybe they have) while the rhythm section (Pete Martinez on bass and Brian
Musikoff on bass) could’ve done the same thing at a neighboring school. In just
over half an hour the jackhammer is set on stun and out comes a 10-song batch
of rockin’, melodic tunes.  “Johnny
Tinnitus”, “Duly Noted” (which has this unexpected beautiful middle part), and
“St. Cloud” should all be hits on college


With Mr. Springsteen
getting a bit long in the tooth maybe these guys will give the Garden State
something new to cheer about.


“Clyde”, “Johnny Tinnitus”, “Duly Noted”, “St.
Cloud”, “Bullfrog” TIM HINELY


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