STURGILL SIMPSON – Metamodern Sounds In Country Music

Album: Metamodern Sounds In Country Music

Artist: Sturgill Simpson

Label: High Top/Thirty Tigers

Release Date: May 20, 2014

Sturgill Simpson 5-13


Damned if this sophomore set by country crooner Sturgill Simpson doesn’t sound like an audio postcard all the way from Luckenbach, Texas. Or at least that’s what Simpson would have us believe, given his rugged delivery and an assertive mix of grit and swagger.

Coming quickly on the heels of High Top Mountain, his well-received debut, Simpson wastes no time in establishing his debt to Cash, Kris, Waylon and others of that outlaw ilk. And while the title might suggest headier circumstances, these nine songs are dusty and determined, stoic ruminations on hard luck and happenstance. The slow burning “Turtles All The Way Down” and the tender yet tenacious “The Promise” find Simpson baring his emotions, while the down home twang that defines “Life In Sin” reflects an unfettered attitude.

Granted, as a newcomer Simpson has a ways to go before he can claim full country cred. And yet, based on the impression he offers with Metamodern Sounds In Country Music, acceptance should come quickly.

DOWNLOAD: “Turtles All the Way Down,” “The Promise,” “Life In Sin”


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