String Cheese Incident 12/29/14, Broomfield CO

Dates: December 29, 2014

Location: 1st Bank Center, Broomfield CO



The weather outside was frightful, but the Cheese was so delightful!  Tuesday, Dec. 29, marked the first of three String Cheese Incident shows to ring in Twenty Fifteen at 1stBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado, and it did not disappoint. The snow packed roads challenged fans to almost work to get there, but like most difficult things it was worth it. The atmosphere was festive to say the least. Imagine walking in to see multiple stilt walkers entertaining the crowds almost like entering a circus; I knew I was in for a party.

If you didn’t know it was snowing outside you could have never guessed based on the festive costumes and overall lack of clothing on the floor. I do not remember ever arriving before at a show with weather this bad, but the crowd – and the band – really made you feel like this was where you were meant to be. STI started the first set off with a classic tune “Round the Wheel” and did not take the foot off the gas until the end, finishing with “Dirk” and then going right into “Get Down On It” — and then it back into “Dirk.” For me personally this was the absolute highlight of the night. The only way to describe it was, they are on stage having as much fun as I am in the crowd.

The second set only confirmed that these guys are among the best at what they do. The jams were fluid, the light show was on par, and the mood was energized. Personal highlight from second set was “Looking Glass” going into “Shine.” I kept thinking to myself I can’t even believe that the first time I picked up a Cheese disc was 2002. I did this solely based on name, and post-Xmas gift cards to burn. Now, 11 years later, I’m watching them play “Looking Glass” night one of the NYE Run.

They closed the show out with a solid rendition of “Beautiful” that really summed up the night. It was a beautiful evening amongst old and new friends who really worked to be there. The put it another way: a good time was had by all.

Photo from SCI Facebook page.

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