STRFKR – Miracle Mile

Album: Miracle Mile

Artist: STRFKR

Label: Polyvinyl

Release Date: February 19, 2013


 For their third LP, STRFKR (which you may have surmised, in the current vowel-challenged band-naming climate – thanks a lot, MGMT – is an abbreviation of Starfucker), have settled on their name and continue their infectiously catchy, at times ‘70s-discoesque, dance songs. Still forging dreamy dance-pop with their keyboard and synth laden beats, on Miracle Mile the band immediately leaps into what they do best with opener and single “While I’m Alive,” full of Joshua Hodges’ indiscernible falsetto, heavy bass and loopy effects.

 Lyrics are not the focal point of STRFKR as Hodges’ words are minima, although the music is, a fact greatly encapsulated in “YAYAYA” as the lyrics are simply “YAYAYA YAYA/ See it gets higher.” Luckily, such “interpretive” lyrics are primarily accompanied by hypnotic music; Miracle Mile is mostly a mellow, downbeat affair whose songs melt into the background of your mind. Double luckily, half of the album presents a handful tracks that grab your ear and make you dance: “Atlantis,” “Leave it All Behind,” “Golden Light” and “Alive” are high points.

 Not a far stretch from 2011’s Reptilians, Miracle Mile is, sonically speaking, lateral to its predecessors. But it holds enough well-crafted tunes to make for an enjoyable album.

 DOWNLOAD: “Golden Light,” “Leave it All Behind”   –APRIL S. ENGRAM

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