Street Sweeper Social Club – The Ghetto Blaster EP

January 01, 1970



The militant brainchild of Rage Against The Machine’s Tom
Morello and The Coup’s Boots Riley, Street Sweeper Social Club isn’t as
incendiary as Rage but it’s definitely a proud middle-finger in the air amongst
the current rock pack. Aptly mixing rock and hip-hop, this isn’t the frat boy,
date rape fare we’ve come to associate with the rock ‘n’ rap moniker. Aiming
for a Clash meets Ohio Players vibe, the seven-song EP includes raw covers of M.I.A.’s
“Paper Planes” and LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out.”


While the EP’s title track continues in the same vein as the
band’s relentless debut, “The New Fuck You” finds them in rough and ready mode
creating music that would be proudly blaring at a Panthers party back in the
day. In the ‘70s they said the revolution will be televised; well, it
definitely now has a soundtrack. And as Boots declares on the LL Cool J cover,
We’re more than a band, we’re a mutha
fuckin’ social club


Planes,” “The New Fuck You” JOSE MARTINEZ


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