Strange Boys – Live Music

January 01, 1970

(Rough Trade)


First impressions should always
be good ones, and on the basis of its first three songs Live Music underwhelms. But from that point, excitation kicks in. Austin’s
Strange Boys, on their 3rd album, have done some powerful
metamorphosing since last year. Whereas previously they were full of the
youthful mayhem and irreverence of bands like the Black Lips, their music has
matured to a degree. From chaotic and jangly in-your-face garage-blues and
disjointed folk-rock jangle, to music a little less disposable, revisiting
Highway 61, if you will, on the knockout tune “Punks Pajamas” and on the bloody
tracks of “My Life Beats Me” and “Omnia Boa.” The thoughtful cheek-to-cheek
slow dance of “Over the River and Through the Woulds” stands out as a
sentimental favorite.


Yet the album is not a total
departure from previous work, and their admirers will be elated at this crackerjack
effort and the opportunity to live music
the Strange Boys way once again. 


        DOWNLOAD: “Punks
Pajamas,” “Over The River And Through The Woulds”  BARRY ST. VITUS


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