Stooges – The Stooges (Collector’s Edition)

January 01, 1970

(Rhino Handmade)


Rhino Handmade’s Collector’s Edition of The Stooges, released in the wake of Iggy and Company’s induction
into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in March, is one of the more beleaguered
rereleases in recent memory.  Rhino’s
rereleased the Stooges’ debut album once before, in 2005, as a “Deluxe
Edition.”  This new expansion and
repackaging adds a handful of alternate songs, including a rare studio version
of live jewel “Asthma Attack.” 


While it’s historically interesting, though, the new
material doesn’t add much to our understanding of the album, and the “bonus”
7-inch vinyl pressing of “Asthma Attack” and resultant oversize packaging
inflate the price to a degree that seems more than a little opportunist.  The good news: If you didn’t pick up the 2005
Deluxe Edition, this pressing offers a good opportunity to own this hugely
important record in two complete versions (the remastered studio version and
John Cale’s early, somewhat over-compressed mixes), and the alternate versions
and takes suggest that this is as definitive an official release as the album’s
ever going to get… but what hardcore Stooges fan didn’t pick up the Deluxe Edition? 
So it’s difficult to guess what audience the Collector’s Edition is
being pitched to – especially since Rhino did so well by the Stooges’ legacy
with the embarrassment of riches that was the 1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions boxed set, which sold for
twice the price of this release, but provided three times the material.


Standout Tracks: “Asthma
Attack,” “Ann (Full Version)” ERIC WAGGONER


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