Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy

January 01, 1970




Serving as a
less brutal and horror-themed outlet for Slipknot members Corey Taylor and
James Root, Stone Sour, which was actually formed before singer Corey Taylor
joined the unrelenting Des Moines nine-piece band, is a more melodic and
mask-free band. The group’s third release, Audio
, is billed as “darker” by
the band members but that’s not readily evident when listening.


Nowhere near as
in-your-face as a Slipknot release, even though that band has started exploring
slower, dare we say ballad-like material more along the lines of Stone Sour, no
track on the new release is a fierce as “30/30-150” or “Made of
Scars” from Come What(ever) May,
Stone Sour’s last record. Consequently, none of the new, softer tracks are on
par with “Zzyzx Rd.”
or “Through Glass” either.


Opening with the
short instrumental title track, that ominously builds to the raw and edgy “Mission
Statement,” Audio Secrecy is a bit
all over the place in styles, from the urgent “Digital” to hard and prickly
“Let’s Be Honest” to the blistering “The Bitter End” to the borderline Top 40
track “Dying” to the almost Journey-like epic rock ballad “Hesitate.” Even with
Corey Taylor’s rousing and classic hard rock vocals, Stone Sour by nature
sounds like Slipknot Lite, and that’s fine because these are two completely
different bands, but this time around it sounds like Stone Sour Lite which is a
little disappointing, even though that’s because they simply chose a different
direction, and kudos to them for not simply rehashing already familiar


A little too
on-the-nose for some tastes, Audio
definitely delivers 14 safe Modern Rock winners.


DOWNLOAD: “Mission Statement,” “Let’s Be Honest”


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