Sting – Sting: 25 Years – The Definitive Box Set Collection

January 01, 1970

Records / A&M Records / Universal Music Group)


do you know when you’re old? Well, recalling long-ago milestones by record
releases from two decades ago is a good indication. Twenty years ago Nirvana
released Nevermind and Pearl Jam its
debut release from the ashes of the short-lived and under appreciated Mother
Love Bone. And, believe it or not, 25 years ago Sting released his first ever
solo record, The Dream of the Blue
. What many believed to be
a vanity project during a break from The Police, one of the biggest pop-rock
bands in the world at the time, was the genesis of a stellar solo career that
is still flourishing.


The Police, the band took its sounds from its punk and reggae influences, which
eventually gave way to a wider, more commercial sound. But as a solo artist,
Sting originally surrounded himself with top jazz artists, including
saxophonist Brandford Marsalis, and created an entirely new path for himself,
breaking away from a sound that had proven extremely successful. With Sting: 25 Years, the former school teacher with leading man good looks captures for the first time both fan
favorites and compelling rarities of his enduring solo career. This definitive
collection contains three discs, all re-mastered for this set and personally
curated by Sting, as well as a DVD featuring a previously unreleased intimate
live performance at Irving Plaza in New York City. The discs are stored in a
spiral book filled with intimate photos, complete lyrics and a newly written
commentary by Sting.


Unlike The
Police box set, which features every song the band released, this collection
includes most of Sting’s solo essentials and fan favorites, including “If You
Love Somebody Set Them Free,” “Fortress Around Your Heart,” “Englishman in New
York,” “If I Ever Lose My Faith,” “Fields of Gold” and “Desert Rose.”


In the liner notes, Sting writes: “What I’ve learned over the years is that miracles don’t happen and what
works is the process: dogged,
determined, boring everyday process. You have to keep working at it and
eventually you get a result. Any result, no matter how small it is, it’s worth
persevering for. Not miracles. They just don’t happen.”


A must-have
item for collectors and die-hards, this is also good for casual fans that may
not have all the classic songs in their collection.


DOWNLOAD: “Bring on the
Night,” “I Burn for You (Live)” JOSE MARTINEZ



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