STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS – Property of Jesus Christ LP / 1,000 Lives to Die LP

Album: Property of Jesus Christ LP / 1,000 Lives to Die LP

Artist: Stick Men With Ray Guns

Release Date: November 04, 2016


The Upshot: Classic Tex-ass punk revisited via a pair of killer live sets.


Back in the day I’d heard about this band only in hushed whispers ….and that was from the friends of mine who’d heard of ‘em, which wasn’t many. I think my real Stick Men with Ray Guns education came from Tom Lax (Siltbreeze Records) more like in the late 80’s/early 90’s when he would talk about ‘em. How they’re not even as well-known/remembered as even The Dicks or Big Boys is a bit mystifying. They hailed from, where else, Texas and were led by one Bobby Soxx, a truly bent frontman who is no longer among the living (and after hearing all the stories you’d be shocked if he was). The 12XU label is offering them as separate vinyl reissues (though they were released on cd at one time). Each one is the product of two lives sets from the mid-80’s, one from 1984 in Houston and one from ’87, apparently the band’s final gig, in Dallas. On the intro to the opening cut, “What Am I?” Bobby rambles on a bit about “I don’t care if you don’t like us, I’m from Texas……….FUCK REAGAN!”  (they (he) antagonized the audience on a nightly basis and the audience did so back….at their own risk).

He and the band (Clarke Blacker, Scott Elam and Bob Beeman) then rumble into a heavy, distorted dirge that sounds beautiful to these ears. Other cuts that definitely make the cuts are “Christian Rat Attack,” “I Wanna Throw Up,” “Kill the Innocent” and the stone-cold classic, “Hate in the 80’s” (which I think later re-recorded under his own name). The Dallas set starts off with the same opener (“What Am I?”) while the band then blasts out other scabs of noise including “I Am the One,”  the relentless “Christian Christian,” the truly twisted “Shaggy Has AIDS” and the bashing “Two Fists.” Some of the quotes about this band from assorted Butthole Surfers are both hilarious and terrifying (Gibby said, “I fondly remember  Bobby Soxx on his back porch, chopping bibles with a meat cleaver and throwing a color television set at a Mexican family This band murdered Dallas.” You really can’t sum it all up better than that.

DOWNLOAD:  “Christian Rat Attack,” “I Wanna Throw Up,” “Kill the Innocent,” “Hate in the 80’s,” “Christian Christian,” “Two Fists”


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