Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy – Unseen Music Unheard Words

January 01, 1970

(Second Motion)


With a solo career as fruitful as his trajectory with his
band The Church, Steve Kilbey’s never been reticent about venturing into new
territories in his efforts to extend his signature.  As the band’s bassist and vocalist, he’s had
a major role in shaping the Church’s sound and though he’s teamed with fellow
practitioner Martin Kennedy (of Australian downtempo outfit All India Radio)
here, it’s his eerie ambiance that still shapes the template overall.


In truth, it takes the same tack as his individual outings,
which in turn, have deviated little from the group’s endeavors, a scenario
that’s bound to please devotees but will likely leave newcomers somewhat
befuddled. The majority of the songs maintain a mellow drift, more of a cosmic
drone as opposed to tangible melodies. 
Aside from occasional distinctive touches – the twitchy pulse of “Maybe
Soon,” the steadfast drive of “Uh I Dunno,” the half-spoken narrative found in
“My Will Be Yours” – there’s little that distinguishes one celestial sound-bite
from another.  Consequently, as its title
seems to suggest, Unseen Music Unheard
seems best suited for a psychedelic soundtrack, one that demands
little more than the listener being seduced by its spell.


“My Will Be Yours,” “Maybe Soon” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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