STEVE EARLE – Live in Nashville 1995

Album: Live in Nashville 1995

Artist: Steve Earle

Label: Shout! Factory

Release Date: July 08, 2014

Steve Earle 7-8


There are plenty of Steve Earle live records out there competing for your attention (Live from Austin! Live from Montreux! Live from London!) and there’s a pretty good reason for that. Unlike most upstarts who use the “we’re much better live” excuse as a reason to justify a shitty album, Earle actually does put on one hell of a show. You need look no further than Live in Nashville 1995 for proof.

The recording is from a December 1995 performance at the Polk Theater, with Earle backed by the Train Band (Norman Blake, Peter Rowan and Roy Huskey, Jr.), burning through 14 tracks, highlighting the best from his cannon up to that point, including the rowdy closer “Copperhead Road,” three beautiful duets with Emmylou Harris and Bill Monroe sharing the mic for “Walls of Time.”

Not to slight the three or so other live Earle records out there, but this latest is a fantastic snapshot of the San Antonio singer in his prime (a period he’s still in nearly two decades later), and an essential record for the devotee down to the casual fan.

DOWNLOAD: “Angel is the Devil,” “You Know the Rest” and “Copperhead Row”




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