Steve Earle – I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive

January 01, 1970



Steve Earle’s acoustic albums have been loud, even his love songs pugnacious,
even his political screeds finely wrought. His is a strong, particular voice,
and he will, by damn, be heard. Earle long ago won control over his work, has
relentlessly produced himself and others, constantly plunging into fresh


I’ll Never Get Out of This World
is both
title to his first novel, about Hank Williams’ doctor, and an album in which he
unexpectedly submits – wholly, mindfully – to the tender mercies of producer T
Bone Burnett. This yields a quiet, lush set, utterly without squall. Earle
calls it a meditation on mortality, and sings often in the voice of a much
older man; the centerpoint (“God Is God,” written for Joan Baez) is a striking
profession of…faith. “Heaven Or Hell,” sung in measured equality with his wife,
Allison Moorer, fiercely celebrates the tightrope of love and marriage.


All of
it, even the swipe at George Bush (“Little Emperor) smacks of peace and


DOWNLOAD: “Waitin’ On the Sky,” “God Is

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