Steve Barton – Projector

January 01, 1970

(Sleepless Music)


Measuring up to the anthemic energy possessed by his former
band Translator, anything Barton does in solo mode would find him hard pressed
to compare. Projector, his fourth
individual effort, does its best to recapture that brash, no-holds-barred
approach, with the driving “These 4 Walls,” 
“Projector” and “The Little Death” faring best in that regard.


Unfortunately, the stripped-down arrangements (all
instruments are played exclusively in demo-like fashion by Barton himself)
simply can’t stand up to the energetic rush Translator once brandished with
such effortless resolve. He still possesses a certain flair and attitude —
even in strumming mode “Please” and “Little Heart Attack” convey an unrelenting
urgency of sorts — but all too often producer Marvin Etzioni seems eager to
indulge, allowing his client to get bogged down and drawn out with rambling,
monotonous narratives that seemingly go on forever. It’s unlikely that Barton’s
best is behind him, and given that he still shows some spunk, there’s reason to
believe it’s not. Hopefully a little more focus and a solid backing band is all
the remedy needed.


4 Walls,” “Projector,” “The Little Death” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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