Starfucker – Reptilians

January 01, 1970



Starfucker/STRFKR  nee Pyramiddd nee Pyramid nee Starfucker has
returned with their sophomore album, Reptilians;
and though the quartet may struggle to christen their musical outfit one
reassuring constant remains, their ability to craft dreamy, danceable
electro-pop. Reptilians does not transition
from the sonic template established on their 2008 self-titled debut and 2009 EP
Jupiter; yet, STRFKR has managed to
weave an album heaving hypnotic hooks and rhythms.


With sound
bites, synths, bass, guitar and hypnotic drums their buoyant music complements
lead singer’s Joshua Hodges’ quiet, calm falsetto. First single “Julius” is
easily the catchiest track on the LP as its pulsating bass and upbeat synth
sends you whirling delightfully to a happy place where you have to dance. Even
on tracks where an acoustic guitar is implemented, such as the plucky “Reptilians”
or “Death as a Fetish,” STRFKR maintains their momentum. Reptilians is a solid release which exhibits STRFKR’s ability to
balance their whimsical charm with their cultured melodies.


DOWNLOAD: “Julius,” “Moon Vegas” APRIL S. ENGRAM

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