Stan Ridgway – Neon Mirage

January 01, 1970



(A440 Records)


In a career that’s found him consistently
attempting to defy any and all pop parameters, Stan Ridgway’s never faltered
when it comes to revealing his more exotic intentions. He showed that
inclination early on with Wall of Voodoo, and subsequently pursued it through
the retro jazz affectations, dark cinematic-like musings and scary film scores
that have become so intrinsic to his solo ambitions.


Even so, Neon
is surprising in the sense that it’s his most touching effort yet,
one in which he dares to share his sadness in the wake of personal tragedy –
specifically, the recent deaths of his father, uncle and musical colleague and
contributor Amy Farris. As a result, songs such as “Big Green Tree,” “Halfway
There,” “Day Up in the Sun” and a somber cover of Dylan’s “Lenny Bruce” are
seeped in both reflection and remorse, commentaries on mortality and odes to
lives lost. And even though echoes of his more eclectic tendencies remain – as
evident in the horn-drenched cacophony of “Desert of Dreams,” the whimsical “Like
a Wandering Star” and an Ennio Morricone-influenced “Day Up In The Sun” – Neon Mirage mostly shines a new light on
Ridgway’s inner psyche, while also inviting his listeners to fearlessly peer


DOWNLOADS: “Halfway There,” “Day
Up in the Sun,” “Big Green Tree” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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