Stacie Collins – Sometimes Ya Gotta…

January 01, 1970



The image of Nashville may be
forever scarred by the mainstream “country music” industry (not to mention the
Christian Contemporary machine), but that doesn’t mean Music City
doesn’t have plenty of other things going on. Stacie Collins, for instance.


The singer/writer/harmonica blower eschews anything
approaching slick on Sometimes Ya Gotta…,
an asskicking roots rock record. Collins and co-writer/hubby/bassist Al let
straightforward lyrics, easy melodies and guitar riffs out the wazoo tell the
stories, from the blues-hammering “Cool” and the countrified “Little Things” to
the zydeco-flavored “Carry Me Away” and the soulful “It Hurts to Breathe.” Rock
& roll is Collins’ main meat, though, as “Tied To You,” “Don’t Doubt Me
Now” and “Lend the Devil a Hand” make perfectly plain. In that mode she owes
obvious debts to Jason the Scorchers and the Georgia Satellites, but that’s
only natural, given that the Satellites’ Dan Baird produced and both he and
Scorcher Warner E. Hodges spray their six-string sizzle all over the record. Given
that there aren’t nearly enough powerhouse Americana LPs like Sometimes Ya Gotta… in the world, let
alone coming from Nashville, Collins standing proudly in the tradition of such
great bands is hardly a fault, is it?


Doubt Me Now,” “It Hurts to Breathe,” “Lend the Devil a Hand,” MICHAEL TOLAND           

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