ST 37 – High and Inside

January 01, 1970

(Blue Circle)


Take this brother, and may it serve thee well. ST 37, the
long-running – extant since ’87 – band of psychedelic pharmacists from (where
else?) Austin, Texas, have consistently lived up to the
cranial-uncorking imperative of psychedelia, and their latest, High and Inside, is no exception.


Right from the get-go, on opening track “Maroons,” the
quartet pries open the mental zip file amid a swathe of brooding basslines and
serpentine, overlapping guitars. From there they dive right in to the first of
several lengthy compositions, “Grandpa’s Birthday,” an 11-minute, freeform kosmiche excursion that rockets past
Dusseldorf and Cologne en route to an protracted orbit somewhere in the
vicinity of Mars to intercept random alien radio transmissions. Things get
progressively more interesting, in fact, as the rest of the album unfolds – the
dissonant punk thrash of “The White Comanche”; the creepy, electronics-strafed
“The Burgeoning”; the pastoral, bluesy, almost Syd Barrett-esque “Just You”;
the claustrophobic, musique concrète soundscapes
of “Pamphlet of Light.” The band has that rare ability to simultaneously
conjure nightmares and bliss as it ushers the listener in to a near-trance


Faves of the Terrastock nation, onstage collaborators with
everyone from Acid Mothers Temple and Bardo Pond to the Butthole Surfers and
Hawkwind, and even practitioners of the arcane art of performing film
soundtracks (such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis)
live, ST 37 grok the fullness, that’s for sure. For the rest of you, well…
please don’t operate any heavy machinery or drive a vehicle while taking your
recommended dose.


DOWNLOAD: “Maroons,” “Just You,” “Pamphlets of Light” FRED MILLS



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