Squarepusher – Ufabulum

January 01, 1970





Sound and vision become one on the 14th studio
album from electronic music veteran Squarepusher. And if you have followed the
18-year career of the Englishman otherwise known as Tom Jenkinson, Ufabulum easily
stands as his strongest and most consistent work since Go Plastic.


The idea for this 10-track set stems from the master
bassist’s utilization of the video-synthesizer for his live performances since
2005, an instrument that creates imagery in accordance to the audio generated
from the stage and is displayed on a large LED screen and another one adorned
on his helmet (he’s wearing it on the album cover). It’s a concept that’s been completely hijacked and homogenized by
Deadmau5, yes. 


Thing is, Jenkinson is a thousand times more innovative and
original than the rave rodent, evident in the ingenious way he brings together
the hardscrabble IDM kineticism of his Hard Normal Daddy days with the
atmospheric synthscapes of some lost John Carpenter soundtrack on cuts like
“4001,” “Energy Wizard” and “Dark Steering.” Hey,
somebody’s gotta show the kids how its supposed to be done. 


DOWNLOAD: “4000,”
“Dark Steering” RON HART


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