Spring Tigers – Spring Tigers

January 01, 1970

(Bright Antenna)




This Athens, GA
band, led by expatriate Brit. vocalist/guitarist Kris Barratt, has only been
together a little over a year but has apparently generated quite a buzz among
the indie tastemakers. There are only 6 songs on here and they whiz by in 17
minutes and while there is a pop sheen to each of the tracks something about it all
just seems too glossy.


The songs are
all synth-heavy and occasionally hooky but the production is too clean,
stripping the band of any kind of edge that they might have. Also, the vocals
are way too out front in the mix and, at times, obnoxious. I did like the
jittery, edgy “New Improved Formula” but most of this seems safe as milk.


Standout Tracks: “New Improved Formula” TIM HINELY




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