Spoon – Transference

January 01, 1970






in six-figure-sales success, this Austin
combo retains their indie cred by still sticking with Merge Records.  But even with the occasional sweet chorus and
string-synth, they remain an enigma for better and worse.  As strong as the individual tracks are here,
they don’t flow or gel with the next or previous one.  Then again, a steady flow would be kind of
un-Spoon-like, which may just mean that they’ve boxed themselves in to some
extent.  Also, except for the sweet
“Who Makes Your Money,” they’ve consciously backed away from the
upbeat tone of their last album, 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga – indeed, there’s no “You Got Yr Cherry Bomb”


there’s no track that bombs here and singer Britt Daniels’ voice retains a
great anguished tone without a whiff of emo- he genuinely sounds confused and
kind of pissed while coming off like he doesn’t trust himself or us to say more
than he knows in his oblique lyrics.  In
the first tune, the folk-droney “Before Destruction,” he sings
distantly (literally) “everyone loves you for your black eye” and
delves into the bouncy “The Mystery Zone” soon after, where he thinks
that he’ll find answers or the dancey Velvets-groove of the album’s first
single “Got Nuffin,” where Daniels comes closest to a love song but
also claims he’s “got nuffin to lose.”  If you’ve accepted his M.O. already, this
puzzling stance definitely still has some mileage and charms to it.


Standout Tracks: “Is Love
Forever?”, “Got Nuffin” JASON GROSS




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