Spindrift – The Legend of God’s Gun

January 01, 1970

(Tee Pee)




2007 film The Legend
of God’s Gun
, a kind of Tarantino/Rodriguez-styled slice of western noir by
Mike Bruce, was memorably described by one reviewer as being “like El
on even more peyote, or a spaghetti western as directed by
Kenneth Anger channeling Federico Fellini.” That’s a pretty good description
for the soundtrack, too, composed by L.A.’s
Spindrift, whose frontman Kirkpatrick Thomas starred as the film’s badguy El
Sobero. Here Spindrift – sonic kin to Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy
Warhols – crash through the fourth wall and serve up a mostly instrumental
mélange of dusty sunbaked twang and sensory overload psych.


Surprise – it all hangs together. In fact, tracks like the
luminous, Calexico-like “The New West,” tribal-flavored (complete with yips and
yelps) garage stomper “Indian Run” and the overtly Morricone-esque “Preacher’s
Theme” rank with anything on Spindrift’s 2008 debut The West. What to make of “Conversation With A Gun,” one of several
cuts featuring a narrative recitation, is another matter entirely, but if
you’re down with the program, the tall tale being spun (somewhat disturbingly)
by a David Johansen soundalike will elicit a knowing chuckle or two.


Standout Tracks: “Preacher’s
Theme,” “The New West” FRED MILLS


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