Spindrift – Classic Soundtracks: Vol. 1

January 01, 1970





Like an unholy teaming of Wall of Voodoo and Calexico (with
hints of the Doors in their mix), California’s
psychedelic spaghetti western avatars Spindrift have honed their craft as
soundtrack-ers of the imaginary films that un-spool in their collective brain.
That they managed to actually compose Morricone-like scores for several films
is no surprise.


You have never seen the movies they composed scores for
including the one they shot themselves, The Legend of God’s Gun. Heck, I
review films for a living and I’ve never seen the movies that they did the
music to. But Classic Soundtracks: Vol. 1 compiles the first, most
haunting batch, of lost tracks that Spindrift has forged, and the coolly
complex twang-and-tabla induced roar of experimental country is deafening.
Sergio Leone would be proud of the results. So would Lee Hazelwood. 


Vixens Theme,” “Red Reflection,” “Showdown” A.D. AMOROSI

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