Spider Bags – Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Crueler World

January 01, 1970





Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags are
the musical cousins of The Dexateens and the Drive-By Truckers. Bands that have
taken Southern rock and turned it on its ear. The SB’s grind in some punk and
blues to the genre to reformulate a seriously, deliriously, intoxicating
concoction. Dan McGee and his five piece band of drunken reprobates are back
with their sophomore release and offer up a more mature, better produced and
slightly more subdued follow-up to their acclaimed Celebration of Hunger album from 2007.


The original version of this
album, which was tentatively titled Midnight
Moving Skies
, contained 13 tunes. With the final mix, winnowing out some
chaff and measuring songs lengths, Dan told me he thought they wound up with
the perfect end result with these 11 songs. Goodbye is in many ways superior, and yet in some ways not, because this ripening of
musical style from Celebration is
quite conspicuous. It’s not as “sloppy” and wild, for one thing. It really is
like saying goodbye to the Bags you thought you knew and loved, yet excited by
their evolving to a new plane.


Their playing and unique use of
instruments from song to song really grabs your attention. A slower number, “Hammer
and Nails” sweeps you away with its plunking banjo and scratchy fiddle. You
want wild, there’s the galloping, country punk of “Nowhere Nobody Nothing” and “Dishrags”‘
slow beginning belies the snotty, head-bobbing punk anthem that launches about
one minute in. McGee is no slouch
with lyrics either, throwing out serious life observances twisted with his wry
and irreverent wit. Goodbye grows on
you with just a couple of listens and you quickly realize this is an evolution
that you can embrace.


They also recently released a
single, “Teenage Eyes” b/w “Eileen” on Odessa Records and will release the “Dog
In The Snow” 7″ this winter. (You can check out “Teenage” and “Dog” at their
MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/spiderbags.)


Standout Tracks: “Hammer and Nails,” “Hey Delinquents,” “Dishrag”



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