SPIDER BAGS – Frozen Letter

Album: Frozen Letter

Artist: Spider Bags

Label: Merge

Release Date: August 05, 2014

Spider Bags 8-5



Spider Bags straight from the garage sound hasn’t changed much in their nine-year existence — and that’s a compliment.

There is a tendency for bands to constantly evolve and change their sound from record to record. The downside being that the raw, spontaneous sound that made them interesting to begin with is often abandoned for a more staid, mature (read: dull) offering. Despite a revolving door line up and label changes, though, the Chapel Hill group has managed to hold onto that fun, riff-heavy garage rock sound with its latest, Frozen Letters.

This eight-track album finds them experimenting just a bit, especially on the sweet, acoustic track “Walking Bubble,” but for the bulk of the record it’s all loud guitars and crashing drums competing against Dan McGee’s deep vocals.

The band allegedly recorded this one just for fun, with little intention of ever releasing it. You know a group has hit its stride when even its goof offs are worth releasing.

 DOWNLOAD: “Back With You Again in the World,” “Summer of ‘79” and “Walking Bubble” [Note that the album is available on limited edition red vinyl in addition to CD and digital.]


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