SPEEDEALER – Blue Days Black Nights

Album: Blue Days Black Nights

Artist: Speedealer

Label: self-released

Release Date: May 05, 2019



Never bring a knife to a gun fight! With all chambers loaded this Texas band is coming to clean your clock, so prepare to say hello to the big adios by the end of it. Punishing and completely bitchin’ this album is filled with molten tunes that provide the cathartic release many of us need to deal with the onslaught unleased by the Cheeto Overlord. If Randy the Ram had survived and his musical taste had evolved away from 80’s metal he most certainly would’ve had Speedealer on constant repeat.  From punk to speed metal this album has it all. Produced for maximum torque-age the music on this record will have you dusting off your air guitar/drums. The playing here is out of sight and not for the faint of heart so best to check with your doctor prior to administering this to your cranium. Welcome back gents!

TRACKS TO TRACK DOWN:  Never New, Rheumatism, War Nicht Genug, Sold Out

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