SPEEDBUGGY USA – South of Bakersfield

Album: South of Bakersfield

Artist: Speedbuggy USA

Label: Wagon Wheel

Release Date: February 05, 2016



The Upshot: Revving the engine up and hitting the gas with some solid guitar grit!


At first I was thinking that this was that old indie pop band but then remembered that they didn’t have USA at the end of their name. Then seeing the title I figured it was something honky tonky inspired and it is! I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, if you add some pedal steel to your record I’m gonna (usually) take notice.

This bunch from the wilds of California (erm…Los Angeles) are not new on the scene though as this is LP number 8, Their previous one was 2009’s California Country Revival and shortly after that one was released vocalist/guitarist Timbo (I like this guy already!) had a brain aneurysm and doctors did not expect him to live. But he did! It took a while but LP #8 is right here.

Opening cut “Still Movin’ On” revs the engine up and hits the gas with some solid guitar grit while “1000 Miles from Nowhere” lets up on the gas a little and goes a bit downbeat with Timbo singing “I’m falling to pieces again, one piece at a time…”

Later on “Set ‘Em Up” is pretty much straight Bakersfield sound while the shufflin’ drums of “Rusted Cars” kicks it up a notch while the pedal steel player is workin’ doubletime. The record ends with the lovely “Bakersfield”, a real tearjerker as Timbo sings straight from the heart about his adopted hometown.

These guys can play and their hearts are in the right place (ie: they know what real ciuntry is). South of Bakersfield, look for the CD with the picture of a big grill of an 18 wheeler!

DOWNLOAD: “Still Movin’ On,” “Set ‘Em Up,” “Rusted Cars,” “Bakersfield”





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