Soul Asylum – Delayed Reaction

January 01, 1970



It’s been about
six years since their last album, so Minneapolis’
other favorite sons could be forgiven
for having a little rust around the edges. And there is some rust on Soul
Asylum’s latest effort Delayed Reaction,
but just a little and it’s easily overlooked.


Along with
founders Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy, former Replacements and current Guns n’
Roses member Tommy Stinson is on bass again for this outing and Michael Bland
is back on drums, having played with Prince and Westerberg… my God Minneapolis
has an incestuous music scene. The band turns in a tight, 10-song set with some
strong power pop numbers like the stellar “Streets,” the more mellow “By the
Way” and raucous sing-along “Let’s All Kill Each Other.”


The only obvious
duds in this collection are the lounge-y piano bar ditty “Cruel Intentions,” which
would fit in perfectly on a Billy Joel record from the ‘80s but has no place on
a record  bookended by songs that
actually, um, rock. The drowsy album closer “I Should Have Stayed in Bed,” is
not one of their finer moments either and likely should have stayed back in the


Those two bumps
aside, it’s overall a solid album from a band that’s honestly been missed. Try
not to stay away so long next time guys.


DOWNLOAD: “Gravity,” “The Streets” and “Let’s All Kill Each Other”  JOHN B. MOORE



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