SorryEverAfter – Meet Us When the Lights Go Low

January 01, 1970



members of this Bay Area band have been around the block a few times.
Guitarist/vocalist Lynda Mandolyn played in Fat Wreck Chords’ act Fabulous
Disaster. Drummer Mike Cloward started out with Barbara Manning in 28th Day,
moved on to the Downsiders, and later worked with Richard Buckner. Erica Liss
(bass) was a member of MDC and Christa DiBiase (guitar) spent time in Sassy!!!
Together they lean toward the catchy side of their roots, a little more pop
than punk, although the music definitely crunches in the right places.


wall of chords that jumpstarts “On the Inside” take things to mid-tempo
territory but they should please any Fastbacks fan. The harmonies, which lay
just beneath the guitars, give the music some extra strength. Like most of the
six tracks on Meet Us When the Lights Go
(a blue vinyl 12″), the opener remains in the
head once it’s over, but that’s partially due to how repetitive it is. As
catchy as they get, these songs would have been just a little stronger with the
benefit of a middle eight, or a little more brevity. These are two-minute songs
trapped in the body of a three-minute song. (In the case of “Last Night,” it’s
a one-minute song in a two-minute body.) “Pill” pushes the envelope by stretches
out a little, proving that SorryEverAfter has greatness in them, which most
likely is obvious when the band hits a stage. With plans for a full-length in
the works, things look bright for them.


DOWNLOAD: “On the Inside,”
“Pill.” MIKE

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