Sonny Landreth – Elemental Journey

January 01, 1970



After spending two decades proving he’s the master of
Cajun-influenced stomping roots rock, Sonny Landreth has decided to explore new
worlds for a change. His fans know that few are his equal at conjuring
expressive, intensive, and inventive slide guitar melodies and riffs in the
context of songcraft. This time around, Landreth puts all those skills to the
service of instrumental rock.


Borrowing Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson for two cuts will
put him on the radar of Guitar World aficionados, yet while just as technically challenging as anything those two
have created, Landreth’s material is more evocative, and more emotionally rich
than either. Landreth also plays with a string section and a keyboardist on
many of the cuts here, a rare foray outside his normal three piece band set-up.
The arrangements are subtle, supple, and entirely supportive of Landreth’s
delicious soloing. While a couple of tunes (“Gaia Tribe,” “Reckless Beauty”)
recall Landreth’s vocal material, most of the material here is unlike anything
we’ve heard from him before, but every bit as beautiful.


DOWNLOAD: “Wonderide,”
“Brave New Girl” STEVE PICK

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