Sonic Avenues – Television Youth

January 01, 1970



The firs thing that
came to mind upon hearing this Montreal
group’s debut record (on the Going Gaga label) a few years back was, “Man, this
band is good, they should be on Dirtnap!” Fast forward to 2012 and indeed here
is their Dirtnap debut. These four well-groomed youths from Montreal began
slicing up guitars in 2006 and the jump in songwriting from said debut to Television Youth is a  nice one: stronger songs, stickier melodies
and just a real sense of confidence all the way around.


In addition to
classic oldies like The Buzzcocks , one also hears echoes of the finest Denton,
TX, has to offer (yes, I mean The Marked Men and High Tension Wires) in the way
the band attacks their instruments and thus, the way the songs jump out of the
speakers right on top of you. “Throw It Away” is an instant classic as is the
wiry n’ wired title track (the most Buzzcockian of the bunch). They slow it
down a bit on the snottier (think Exploding Hearts) “Late Summer Goner” while
“Fadin’ Luv” is more foot-tappin’ goodness.


OK, so they’re
not the most original bunch on the planer but I’ve always said if a band writes
good songs, well, that’s all you need. And on Television Youth, that’s definitely what you get. 


“Throw It Away,” “Television Youth,” “Fadin’ Luv,”  “Static Attraction” TIM HINELY

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