Something Fierce – Don’t Be So Cruel

January 01, 1970



Thus Houston trio has been hard
at work for the better part of this decade. Their 2nd record from
2009 (reissued on Dirtnap) entitled There
Are No Answers
, followed a nice blueprint of ’77 U.K. punk (think Buzzcocks) with
razor-sharp guitars and no shortage of hooks. This new record is a different
beast altogether and not what anyone was expecting. 


They still
occasionally slip in those buzzsaw guitar and snotty vocals, but Steven Garcia
(guitar/vocals) and Niki Sevven (bass/vocals) have taken it to the next step
(along with new drummer Andrew Keith),
still mining the UK but now following a path not quite so well-worn, such as on
the tune “Afghani Sands,” with its slightly dubby textures and scattershot
guitars, or the bottom-heavy title track. The snappier “When You Hurt” is more
pop than punk, while “Aliens Two” charges along with pure fist-pumping motion.
Hopefully this record won’t alienate old fans but honestly, the band is moving
forward and doing something infinitely more interesting here. If the die-hard
crusties don’t want to come along for the ride then so be it.


DOWNLOAD: “Don’t Be So Cruel”, “Afghani Sands”,
“Bad Choice”, “Aliens Two” TIM HINELY



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