Some Girls Live in Texas ’78

January 01, 1970

(Eagle Rock; 85 mins)





I have a couple of problems with the deluxe edition of the
Rolling Stones’ 1978 rude boy classic Some
(reviewed elsewhere on the BLURT website).


First, why did the powers that be behind this reissue,
namely Mick and Keith themselves, choose to go with the “PARDON OUR APPEARANCE”
version of the album’s iconic jacket art, generated on the dash after
representatives for several of the ladies featured on the original cover,
including Lucille Ball, Farah Fawcett, Liza Minnelli, Raquel Welch and Marilyn
Monroe, threatened the group with lawsuits. There had been at least two other
concepts that were amended in lieu of the initial artwork, including one of
anonymous hand-drawn women and a version with Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon,
Britt Eklund and Jimmy Carter in drag that was drafted but never published.
Given the momentum built around the release of his deluxe edition, restoring
the original intended glory of the initial cover concept would have been a
really cool move.


Yet the end decision to carry on with the “Pardon”
cover, coupled with the same sense of chintziness in the quantity of bonus
tracks made available for the second disc that mired Exile On Main Street‘s 40th Anniversary Edition, really makes what
could have been a stellar reissue a hot load of corporate oversight. I mean,
seriously, didn’t anyone think to enhance that extra CD with the 12-inch disco
version of “Miss You” or the extended 8-track rendering of
“Beast of Burden”? There are also unreleased alternate takes of
“Lies”, “Before They Make Me Run”, “When The Whip
Comes Down”, “Far Away Eyes”, “Respectable” and the
title track that have been around on the black market forever and would have
definitely been great amendments to the fray.  And don’t even get me started on the sound
quality of this thing. If I were you, I’d just stick with the otherwise
superior Virgin remaster of Girls from
2001 and look online for the unreleased stuff.




If you find yourself as unsatisfied with Universal’s
overblown rehash of Some Girls as
this writer, Eagle Rock’s CD/DVD (or Blu-Ray) release documenting the group’s
famous Fort Worth stop on their ’78 U.S. tour will definitely make up for the
let down. Everyone sweats that tour of 1972 they did in the wake of emerging
from the lam after recording Exile On Main St. But
the Some Girls trek is largely
considered by many serious Stones fans as their best, as the band stripped down
their stage show to the brass tacks in an effort to stay competitive with the
punk and new wave movements reconfiguring the importance of spatial frugality
in the rock game. And this July 18th stop at Fort Worth’s Will Rogers Memorial
Center is largely considered to be their finest performance of the tour, translating
the perfect brew of attitude, bitchiness and balls conveyed on the Some Girls LP to the concert stage,
albeit in a smaller setting than their previous visit to the city three years
earlier with a bombastic and overblown show at the Cotton Bowl Stadium.





Billed as “The London Green Shoed Cowboys” with opening
acts Peter Tosh and Cajun Country fiddle great Doug Kershaw, the Stones delivered
a lean, mean set consisting of seven songs from Some interspersed alongside classic material such as “Let It
Rock”, “Star Star”, “Honky Tonk Women”, “Tumbling
Dice”, “Brown Sugar” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, all of
which benefited greatly from the group’s expanded lineup featuring longtime
cohort Ian Stewart (whose 40th birthday was celebrated at this show) on piano
and Ron Wood’s old Faces bandmate Ian McLagan on additional keys. The Will Rogers
Center’s auditorium setting
also proved to be a fitting locale for the party-like atmosphere the Stones
presented on stage, giving the footage almost like a Last Waltz type of vibe. It’s a surprise this was never released as
a Midnight Madness movie at the time. It also marked the last time Mick and the
boys looked like they were actually having fun playing beside one another
before shit started to get ugly heading into the 1980s.


The fact that this flick also comes with a CD of the concert makes this release even more of a treasure,
as there has never been an official live recording from this tour until now.
And this show makes for one hell of an LP, one which, in my opinion ranks right
up there with Ya-Ya’s and Love You Live. But to truly catch the
effect of this show, you have to see it on film, as it is a whole other trip
visually, given the time period and the LP they were supporting. The bonus video
material on this set is tops as well, with an insightful new interview with
Jagger as well as a pair of excellent broadcast relics from the era, including
the Stones’ appearance on Saturday Night
highlighted Mick’s memorable segment with Dan Akroyd’s send-up of the
late Tom Snyder and stellar performances of “Beast”,
“Respectable” and “Shattered” as well as a segment on the
group from an episode of ABC’s 20/20.


Some Girls Live In Texas ’78 is the
kind of ephemera from the era that should have been included in the Universal
reissue, and definitely the better bang for your buck. It’s
just too bad the folks behind this exceptional outsourced supplement to that
overpriced hype fit couldn’t have had creative control over the entire campaign
for the Stones’ soulful New York-inspired masterpiece to give it the tribute it


filmed interview with Mick Jagger; Tomorrow featuring Dan Aykroyd and Mick
Jagger from Saturday Night Live, October 1978; Shattered , Respectable and
Beast Of Burden performed by The Rolling Stones, introduced by Laraine Newman
from Saturday Night Live, October 1978; Excerpts from ABC 20/20 Special,
introduced by Hugh Downs with interviews by Geraldo Rivera from 20/20, June
1978 5 mins in total includes Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Bill; Interview with Mick
[France Aug 2011] 15 mins



TRACK LISTING: 1) Let It Rock 2) All Down The Line 3) Honky
Tonk Women 4) Star Star 5) When The Whip Comes Down 6) Beast Of Burden 7) Miss
You 8) Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) 9) Shattered 10) Respectable
11) Far Away Eyes 12) Love In Vain 13) Tumbling Dice 14) Happy 15) Sweet Little
Sixteen 16) Brown Sugar 17) Jumpin Jack Flash




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