Solex vs. Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer – Amsterdam Throwdown, Kingstreet Showdown

January 01, 1970

(Bronzerat Records)


It may not be the highest profile supergroup the indie world has thrown our way in recent memory. But
it’s not without its promise or its hipster curb appeal, bringing the
thrift-store electronica of Solex to bear on the blues-punk swagger of Jon
Spencer and his Boss Hog cover model/wife Cristina Martinez. What could
possibly go wrong?


Jon Spencer, as it turns out, with his desperate bids at
focusing the spotlight on his own damn self as he uncorks his shtickiest,
post-minstrel-show shenanigans in years. On “Fire Fire,” he sounds like Wolfman
Jack in more cartoonish blackface. But he’s even more oppressive on a leadoff
track called “Bon Bon,” whose funky, female-fronted blaxploitation vibe —
complete with strings – was on the verge of greatness if it weren’t for
Spencer’s grunts and exhortations. “Turn me up!,” he shouts, when that’s the
last thing Solex should have done.


Every so often, though, the combination finds its stride.
His shtick is just the thing for the space-age adventures of “Galaxy Man,”
which kind of sounds like Cibo Matto rocking go-go horns with Beck producing.
And “The Uppercut” is basically the same approach with extra grit and less Jon


Standout Track: “The Uppercut” A. WATT


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