Snowglobe – No Need to Light a Night Light on a Night Like Tonight

January 01, 1970



Memphis, TN
bunch has apparently been around for quite some time but this is the first I’ve
heard of them. Still, if their tunes seem more in the spirit of the old
psychedelic pop of the Elephant 6 collective, well, it’s because the band cut
its teeth playing gigs with the likes of Olivia Tremor Control and some of
their Athens
brethren. Only 7 cuts on here but the songs will resurrect your love of music
(that is if it needed resurrecting).


band has four distinct songwriters and each one is capable of turning the
mundane aspects of daily life into full-blown epics with blaring horns, heavily
strummed guitars and what seems like a million voices coming in from all
angles. The opener “Nothing I Can Do” tosses the covers off slowly but by the
end is dancing on the bed while “Teenage Queen” adds a bit of banjo and sounds
a bit more, uh, more Memphisian. Brad Postlethwaite’s vocals on “Get It
On” are pleading while the music brings to mind Neutral Milk Hotel in the best
way possible. Snowglobe are onto something here and I’m aiming to follow their
every move.


:  “Nothing I Can Do”, “Get It On”, “Teenage Queen” TIM HINELY



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