Smoke Fairies – Ghosts

January 01, 1970

(Music For Heroes)


The Smoke Fairies’ Ghosts is a mystical journey through dark musical terrain, where haunting melodies swell
within foreboding guitar arrangements and shadowy vocals. The London-based duo
– comprising Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies – released the 12″ vinyl of A
sides, B sides and an EP before even producing an official debut album. A bold
move, yet one that may prove to be favorable: Ghosts provides a sinister twist on folk and bluegrass that’s
delightfully melancholy, yet painfully beautiful.


Ghosts features
vocals from both Blamire and Davies, whose harmonies often combine into a
peppermint twist, adding a bit of sweetness to the record’s instrumentally dark
ambiance. In addition to the pair’s somber guitar playing, mournful strings and requiem-style percussion beats provide the perfect
backdrop for this suicidal ceremony. Similar to the style of Mark Knopfler, tracks
“Living With Ghosts” and “He’s Moving On” drip like lyrical tears, musically
encompassing the pain of a thousand broken hearts. “When You Grow Old” is
equally as distressed as the artists take a melodic journey into a questionable
future, a song that successfully feeds into the doubts one can find in every
human mind.


With the release of Ghosts, Blamire and Davies have built a
lonely home on a foundation of thoughtful songwriting and simple and emotional
compositions. For those who choose to listen, it’s music that beckons you to open
the door and step inside the world of the living dead.


Standout Tracks: “Living
With Ghosts,” “We Had Lost Our Minds” CECILIA MARTINEZ


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