Slits – Trapped Animal

January 01, 1970



the long-awaited follow-up to 1981’s Return
of the Giant Slits,
this latest incarnation of the femmes fatales of dub punk – who only count founding member Ari Up and
longtime bassist Tessa Pollitt as its original members – just sound too all
over the place to really be taken seriously.   I mean, do they want to get
down with reggaeton? Dancehall? Gypsy music? Weird Erase Errata type stuff?


those lyrics… I mean, having to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy is a bad
enough trip in its own right. But to hear it coming from Slits frontwoman Ari has got to be a real drag. Album opener “Ask Ma” blames bad mothering skills
for all the whiny nancy
boys she has to contend with, while “Issues” explores the rudiments of child
abuse on the psyche. And then there’s that song “Peer Pressure,” which needs no
explanation but is one of the most annoying songs I think I have ever heard in
my life.


Trapped Animal gets a little better
after the halfway mark, especially when new member Hollie Cook (daughter of Sex
Pistols drummer Paul Cook) takes over the mic. Her sweet, soothing voice really
turns this album around towards the end, especially on tracks like the roots
dub slow burner “Babylon”
and the mellow, spacey “Be It”. The gorgeous Hollie, who plays keyboards with
the Slits, is a rising star and one can only hope she gets more of the
spotlight on the next album. That is, of course, if Ari can get a little more
generous with the vocal duties.


Standout Tracks: “Partner from Hell”, “Babylon”, “Be It” RON



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