Skull Defekts – 2013-3012

January 01, 1970

(Thrill Jockey)


Daniel Higgs, the shamanistic
and prophetic master wordsmith who fronted the not-yet-completely-defunct Baltimore post-punk legends
Lungfish from 1987 to 2005, has been on a nomadic journey of righteousness since
he joined the folk realm decades ago. With epic beard, balding plate,
tattoo-covered skin and clothed in relic garb, Higgs not only looks the part of
wandering weirdo genius but his post-Lungfish output – poetic spoken histrionic
wordage draped in an Americana tapestry of banjo pickery, Jews harp twang and
hypnotic droning – has stopped the bleeding hearts over Lungfish’s indefinite


If 2010’s solo effort Say God was his holy sermon avant record
then Skull Defekts – the Swedish collective he occasionally fronts – is his riveting,
mammoth art-punk jam band. 2011’s Peer
first paired Higgs and Skull Defekts and it proved to be a cathartic
union, resulting in one of the best LP’s of last year. The condensed 2013-3012, which comprises a mere three tunes
followed by warpfuckery treatment of those very same songs, follows a similar
minimalist rock formula. Higgs demonically groans, grunts, barks, whispers and
speak-sings while sinister guitar riffage and drones clatter and streak and jackhammering
percussion bashes behind him. “Children of the Skull Defekts” is the group’s de
facto anthem, building from a subtle murmur into punk fury, before Higgs, in
ostensible fist pump pose, recites what may be his most straightforward prose:
“The Skull Defekts salute you!”


And we salute you, oh mighty
Skull Defekts.


DOWNLOAD: “Children
of the Skull Defekts” BRAD COHAN


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