Six Organs of Admittance – Luminous Night

January 01, 1970



Ben Chasny’s 11th album as Six Organs of
Admittance explores the darker, chillier undercurrents of psychedelic folk,
bringing in Sun O))) producer Randall Dunn and a cast of avant garde jazz
extras to flesh out these moody introspections.


Luminous Night starts out as
lyrically sun-flecked as it intends to get with “Actaeon’s Fall (Against the
Hounds)” as flautist Hans Teuber blows bright little flourishes among pensive
Pentangle’d guitars. Soft-focus, electronically-altered vocal cuts –
“Anesthesia,” “Bar-Nasha”, “The Ballad of Charley Harper” – transverse shadowy landscapes
of otherworldly folk, while the  lovely
“River of Heaven”  links American blues
to raga, a la Robbie Basho. Jazz string wizard Eyvind Kang lends a wonderfully unpredictable fluidity to
cuts like “Anesthesia,” while go-to session drummer Matt Chamberlain adds
subtle textures of snare, hand drums and other percussion.


sides close with evocative electronic experiments, aided by
producer/moog/keyboardist Dunn, but side one fades out best, in the fuzz-edged,
Fennesz-esque mysticism of “Cover Your Wounds with Sky.”


Standout Tracks: “River
of Heaven”, “Cover Your
Wounds with Sky” JENNIFER KELLY


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