Six Organs of Admittance – Ascent

January 01, 1970

(Drag City)


years ago, guitarist Ben Chasny took his predominantly acoustic solo project
Six Organs of Admittance out for an electric joy ride along the Pacific Coast Highway
with the fellow members of the group he had just joined, San Francisco nu-psych greats Comets on Fire.
They played a handful of interstate live dates and recorded a handful of demos
that have yet to see the light of day.


years later, the Comets released what would be their studio swan song, 2006’s
massively underrated Avatar, and each
man went his separate way.


when the time came for Chasny to select a posse of musicians to help him
deliver a full-on Six Organs rock album, calling upon his Fire friends Ethan
Miller, Utrillo, Ben Flashman and Noel von Harmonson to help him foresee his
vision was the obvious choice. And if you can only imagine the prospects of a
Comet-gained Six O, you will not be disappointed in the slightest with Ascent.


at longtime pal and stoner rock engineer supreme and Fucking Champs guitarist
Tim Green’s Louder Studios in San Fran, these eight songs are indeed everything
you’d expect from this reconfigured version of Comets on Fire with Chasny at
the controls. It’s a purely transcendental synthesis of heavy folk meditation
and interstellar overdrive that spirals throughout the fabric of such driving
jams as “They Called You Near” and “One Thousand Birds” as the former bandmates
pick up their collective comfort level as if they never split up at all.


Chasny has aurally traveled this great planet of sound on the Six Organs of
Admittance space coaster from the floodplains of the Middle East to the wilds
of the Amazon to the mountaintops of Tibet. But as Ascent so intrinsically implies, the man remains at his best when
he’s burning with his old buddies back home, which one could only hope is a
dress rehearsal for a full-on Comets reunion.


DOWNLOAD: “Waswasa”, “They Called You
Near”, “One Thousand Birds” RON HART



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