Sights – Most Of What Follows Is True

January 01, 1970

(Alive Naturalsound) 


While still in high school in the suburbs of Detroit, leader Eddie Baranek formed this
exciting band and began turning heads with their 1999 debut, Are You Green?  Two other records (and several tours of America and Europe) followed but
it has been 5 years since the last Sights record (2005’s self-titled record on
the Sweet Nothing label) so fans of the band have been hungry for half a
decade. With a new lineup (now expanded to a quartet) Baranek and company set
out to make a statement, and on Most of What Follows is True they do
indeed. The record was originally self-released by the band early this summer
on their own Sights Army imprint, and now gets a full national rollout via
Alive Naturalsound.


The band comes out of the gate with the guitar-heavy “How Do You
Sleep?” sounding like a mix between The Creation and Blue Cheer while
“Hello to Everybody” is a charging power pop nugget which doesn’t
forget the humor (“Well I tried suicide but it wasn’t for me, it got to be
a little too trendy”). A few tunes add some nifty pedal steel (“I
Left My Muse” and “Back to You”) while the jangly “Maria”
adds a nice Beatles touch to the proceedings (and “Happy” is pure
1967 Who with those opening Keith Moon-esque thundering drum fills).


Baranek proudly wears his influences on his sleeve but when the attention to
songcraft is this detailed you won’t hear too much complaining. Their best yet.



DOWNLOAD: “How Do You Sleep”, “Maria”,
“Hello to Everybody”,  “Happy” TIM HINELY

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