Album: EP

Artist: Sidewalk Society

Label: Fruits de Mer

Release Date: August 09, 2016


The Upshot: Bowie and The Action covers from UK outfit.


Sounding very much like a reformed XTC Sidewalk Society turn in a really cool EP of Bowie and The Action covers. This is a great if all too brief collection of songs from the UK’s Fruits de Mer label. David Bowie’s passing gutted so many people, I know a few personally who took it exceptionally hard. Now that we’re 7 months after his death, it makes sense that bands are looking to show love for all eras of Bowie’s storied career. Here the Sidewalk Society turn their attentions to 2 tracks from the earliest part of David Jones’ career. The track “Can’t Help Thinking About Me” released by Bowie is 1966 and considered by some to be his first true solo piece even though it was released as David Bowie with The Lower Third. The track is a vital piece from the Bowie catalog which the band knock out of the park. The track here is given a glorious new shine. Kudos to the band for breathing new life into it. “Let Me Sleep Beside You” is a joy to listen to as well. Here once again the band channel Andy Partridge and crew. This time sounding like the Dukes of Stratosphere the song is an amazingly well-honed version of the Bowie classic. The period production and playing is a true joy to listen to. The Action numbers especially “Strange Roads”, is such a rocking version that one can’t help but tap their toes. One wonders what else the band have up their sleeve given their affinity for period production and their deft musicianship. More than just covering these two artists, Sidewalk Society have stamped their own imprint on these classics. I really hope it’s not too long before the (fishy) folks at Fruits de Mer grace us with a full length from these guys.


DOWNLOAD: “Can’t Help Thinking About Me”, “Let Me Sleep Beside You” “Strange Roads”

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